We love life! We enjoy good food and good wine! We like to smile and kisses. We're Portuguese! We have an average of 300 days of sunshine per year and 850 kms of fine sandy beaches, places full of history and friendly people. From north to south, from the coast to inland, there are many reasons to go unto discovery! Come and meet us!  

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Estremoz, Evoramonte and Cork

from 450€ | 10h
We head for the Alentejo to discover the ancient city of Estremoz, famous for its white marble that is exported all over the world, as well …


Preço sob consulta | 10h
Muito mais do que o Altar do Mundo para os católicos, reunindo milhões de peregrinos todos os anos, o Santuário de Fátima convida-nos à …

Fragas de São Simão

from 390€ | 9h
How can I describe a place that means so much to me, that I have known forever? Here the green of the forest contrasts with the grey of the …


600€ | 1 to 3 px | 12h
It gave its name to one of the most famous and oldest wines in the world and is a World Heritage Site. Walking slowly in its streets is …

Voo em Girocóptero Experience

a partir de 499€ | 12h
Destacada pela revista FORBES como uma das 10 Melhores Aventuras de 2019, esta experiência vai deixá-lo com a cabeça nas nuvens! Voe sobre …

Algarve - Lagos

from 650€ | 1 to 3px | 12h
Heading south, we reach the Algarve region for a visit to Lagos, the ancient city where the caravels that reached the African coast were …

Évora and Arraiolos

from 450€ | 1 to 3 px | 9h
In the Alentejo plain we find the charming city of Évora with two millennia of stories to tell. In its historical center, classified as …

Horseback riding baptism Experience

from 250€ | 4h
Do your horseback riding baptism with a Lusitano horse in an 18th century farm and discover the secrets of one of the most important …


from 290€ | 1 to 3 px | 4h
A fairy tale just 30 minutes from Lisbon! Let yourself be enchanted by the magic and mysticism of Sintra, where nature and man have …

Buracas do Casmilo

Preço sob consulta | 9h
No centro do país, não muito longe de Coimbra, encontramos esta maravilha da Natureza! Inseridas na Serra de Sicó, as buracas maiores podem …


650€ | 1 to 3px | 12h (full day)
Discover two world award winning attractions on a journey through biology, geology and archaeology in a unique natural setting that will …

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