We love life! We enjoy good food and good wine! We like to smile and kisses. We're Portuguese! We have an average of 300 days of sunshine per year and 850 kms of fine sandy beaches, places full of history and friendly people. From north to south, from the coast to inland, there are many reasons to go unto discovery! Come and meet us!  

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Horseback riding baptism Experience

from 250€ | 4h
Do your horseback riding baptism with a Lusitano horse in an 18th century farm and discover the secrets of one of the most important …

ALGARVE - Lagos with boat tour to the caves

from 690€ | 1 to 3px | 12h
Heading south, we reach the Algarve region for a visit to Lagos, the ancient city where the caravels that reached the African coast were …

Buracas do Casmilo

upon request | 10h
In the center of the country, not far from Coimbra, we find this wonder of nature! Located in the Serra de Sicó, the largest holes can be …

Estremoz, Evoramonte and Cork

from 450€ | 1 to 3px | | 10h
We head for the Alentejo region to discover the ancient city of Estremoz, famous for its white marble that is exported all over the world, …


from 390€ | 1 to 3px | | 6h
Much more than the Altar of the World for Catholics, gathering millions of pilgrims every year, the Shrine of Fatima invites us to reflect, …

Fragas de São Simão

from 430€ | 1 to 3px | | 10h
Meet nature in the center of Portugal. Leave the crowds behind and come for a walk on the Fragas de São Simão Walkways. Winding through the …


from 290€ | 1 to 3 px | 4h
A fairy tale just 30 minutes from Lisbon! Let yourself be enchanted by the magic and mysticism of Sintra, where nature and man have …

Algarve with a Gyrocopter Flight

from 690€ | 1 to 3px | 12h
Featured by FORBES magazine as one of the 10 Best Adventures of 2019, this experience will leave you with your head in the clouds! Fly over …

Évora + Arraiolos

from 450€ | 1 to 3 px | 9h
In the Alentejo plain we find the charming city of Évora with two millennia of stories to tell. In its historical center, classified as …

Évora + Monsaraz

from 490€ | 1 to 3px | 10h
In the Alentejo plains we find the charming city of Évora with two millennia of stories to tell. In its World Heritage-listed historic …

Coimbra + Aveiro

from 490€ | 1 to 3px | 10h
Crowned with one of the oldest universities in Europe and bathed by the River Mondego, Coimbra was the kingdom's first capital in the 12th …

Marble & Cork Experience

from 430€ | 1 to 3px | 10h
Did you know that marble is composed of calcium, which is why it can be found in some food supplements and even toothpaste? And that …

Arrábida Experience

from 310€ | 1 to 3px | 4h
When a sacred mountain meets a turquoise sea, it creates some of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. If you combine wine and cheese …

Flying Dress Photoshoot

coming soon... | .
Your time has come to shine like a princess, a dream come true! Choose your dress, the venue and come live an unforgettable experience!

Photo walk at Cabo da Roca

from 290€ | 1 - 4px | 4h
If you like hiking and landscape photography, this is for you! How about exploring the place known as the "end of the world" until the 14th …

LISBON Experience

from 270€ | 1 to 4px | 4h
Cosmopolitan, cheerful, bustling. Founded by ancient civilizations, discover the Lisbon of the seven hills, the Tagus and Fado. Here you …


690€ | 1 to 3 px | | 12h
It gave its name to the country and to one of the most famous and oldest wines in the world. Walking slowly in its streets that are World …

Horseback Riding at Comporta beach

from 480€ | 2px | 4 to 5 hours
Imagine riding free on an endless white sand beach and crystal clear Atlantic sea flanked by white sand dunes and extensive pine forests... …

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